The blog Europe Across Borders advances historical knowledge in present scholarly and public debates on Europe by sharing information on current research projects and discussing scholarly and contemporary issues. The blog seeks to connect early career and advanced researchers in European history across borders. It addresses, at the same time, the general public and provides historical context to modern controversies, bridging the past with the present.

Europe Across Borders is a blog by research fellows in the department of history at the Leibniz Institute of European History (IEG) at Mainz, Germany. The IEG comprises of one of the most active group of historians currently working on Europe from the early modern period to the twentieth century in Germany. It brings together the strong research expertise of early career and advanced historians. Our blog offers dynamic and innovative explorations of European history. We welcome guest submissions that will widen the blog’s horizon.You can also take part in the discussion by following us on Twitter.

The blog is connected to the annual workshop European History Across Boundaries which takes place at Mainz for international PhD students who research European history from the sixteenth to the twentieth century, including Europe’s relations with the world. The workshop brings together young researchers working in this field to present their dissertation projects and to discuss the transcultural and transnational scope of their findings in a stimulating environment. The blog is also linked to the open access journal European History Yearbook, ed. by Johannes Paulmann (Mainz) together with Markus Friedrich (Hamburg) and Nicholas Stargardt (Oxford).